What is a Pyramid Matrix?

Two halves of crystalline matter undergoes a change in the phase state of the substance in the active zone of the Great Golden Section Pyramid according to ABO technology.
Matrix is an energy copy of the Great Pyramid of the Golden Ratio. Substance, from which the matrix is made, placed in the active zone of the pyramid, crystallizes, transforming from a liquid to a solid state
Matrix for personal use is made in the form of crystals placed in 2 geometric elements forming an oval.

How pyramid matrix works

The effective area of the matrix energy field is located between the two halves of the matrix. The working position of the matrix is when they form an elongated oval. The smaller the distance between the halves, the stronger the energy effect of the matrix.

  • Active Natural Pain Relief
  • Activation of the immune system

How matrix affects the human body

  • Under the influence of matrix crystals, all vital functions at the cellular level are restored. This process is especially active during the first 4-5 days, studies show. It is recommended during this period to increase activity to stimulate metabolism.
  • Pyramid matrix is located as close as possible to the place of pain (pathology). Distance between the crystals should be 1.5-3 cm (1”).
  • It is convenient to use a Band-Aid to place matrix on the body. Fixation time of the matrix on the human body is selected individually. It is recommended to start with half an hour.
  • Energy resource of the matrix placed on the human body is approximately 10-12 months. With pathology and health disorders, resource is approximately 2-4 weeks.s
Healing places on the human body

Healing places on a human body

Healing places on the human body

1 Cardiovascular system
2 Thyroid gland
3 Asthma, bronchitis
4 Liver and gallbladder
5 Urinary system, reduced potency
6 Chronic fatigue syndrome, gastrointestinal track
7 Pancreas, colon
8 Arthritis & arthrotis
9 Osteochondrosis of spine and lower back
10 Condition following brain stroke

11 Kidneys
12 Osteochondrosis of the neck
13 Osteochondrosis of the spine chest area
14 Post-traumatic head problems and disorder
15 Sinusitis, rhinitis
16 Headaches
17 Pain in the ear area

Other uses of the matrix

  • Water or a drink in a glass with a matrix (distance between the crystals is 1.5-3 cm (1”)), attached for 1.5 hours, acquire healing properties.
  • To harmonize the room, to neutralize the geopathic zone, one half of the matrix can be placed on the head of the bed, and the other on the footboard. Alternatively, they can be placed in opposite corners of the room.
  • To protect against radiation from computers, cell phones, microwaves, halves of the matrix should be attached to the frames of devices with a maximum distance between the halves
uses of the matrix
uses of the matrix
uses of the matrix