What is a Matrix Bracelet?

  • A matrix bracelet is a bracelet that uses crystal matrices developed in the laboratory of Alexander Golod, the discoverer and builder of the golden ratio pyramids. In a matrix bracelet, crystal matrices act as a resonator with a natural vibration frequency of 7 Hz.
matrix bracelet

How it works

  • The earth is surrounded by Schumann waves with a resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz. At this frequency, Schumann waves resonate with the human body, Tuned to a frequency of 7-8Hz.
  • Our brain at a frequency of 7.83Hz in the range of "alpha rhythms", resonates with the energy of Schumann waves. Alpha rhythms significantly activate healing energy.
  • At a frequency of 7Hz, the cardiac aorta resonates with pulsations of blood pressure, influencing the processes of the body tuned to this frequency.
  • Despite the complexity of the mathematical formulas describing the work of the nervous system, it all comes down to a factor of 7.
  • The zone of the maximum signal of the resonance of the pulse fluctuations of the blood Pressure at a frequency of 7Hz. Pulse is the most important indicator of the energy state and energy balance of the human body. Human energy channel.


Every modern inhabitant of the Earth is continuously affected by negative energy fields and waves. Aggressiveness of the impact of the environment. We lose our energetic connection with the surrounding world and nature, with the main frequency Earth 7.83 Hz, Schumann waves. Our body begins to work as a "broken mechanism" requiring adjustment and tuning. The matrix bracelet helps to tune in to the vital 7Hz frequency. FIND AN INDIVIDUAL RESONANCE IN YOUR BODY Restore energy balance, protect yourself from negative, energetic influences.


Why are there 7 days in a week?
Why are there 7 colors in a rainbow?
There are 7 notes in musical literacy?

The list of such why is endless. Throughout history of the development of human civilization, not a single number has caused and continues to cause such interest as the number 7. Go to Wikipedia to see how closely the number 7 is associated with, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, nature, religions, men. Each of us, throughout our lives, is faced with the number 7, much more often than with all other numbers. The belief in the magical, mysterious magical properties of the seven has been preserved to this day. Scientists, researchers, trying to find explanations of the phenomenon of the number 7, are discovering more and more new properties of the seven.


American scientist-psychologist D. Miller discovered that a person is able to simultaneously memorize no more than 7 +/- 2 elements.*

M. Rabinovich from the Institute in California determined that the number 7 is a certain equivalent of the operative memory of the brain, despite the complexity of the mathematical model of the nervous system, it all comes down to the number 7.

Norwegian architect Ole. J. Breen revealed one of the secrets of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids: the builders used the number 7 in their calculations.

Electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 7 Hz have special properties. Frequency 7Hz - the frequency of the biorhythms of the brain, which characterizes the meditative state of the brain.

Paul Newman, an American biophysicist, determined that when the pulse fluctuations in blood pressure between the heart and the aorta reach a frequency of 7 Hz, a resonance phenomenon occurs, which affects all vital body processes tuned to this frequency.

German physicist Dr. O. Schumann, in 1952 discovered special waves surrounding our planet. The main carrier frequency of these waves is 7.83Hz.

Nuclear physicist Robert Beck, measuring the biorhythms of the brain of healers around the world, found that during a healing session, all healers, regardless of the methods and methods of healing, show a frequency of 7-8 Hz.

At this moment, they are completely synchronized (resonate) with the Schumann waves. At this moment, the patient is, as it were, "connected" to a huge, inexhaustible source of vital energy.

Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Laureate, in experiments on the quantum transfer of DNA fragments, used the energy of an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 7 Hz. The most recent discovery.

The developers of the Elon Musk spacecraft, Raptor, calculated that the number 7 is the number of engines that ensure the highest safety and reliability of the spacecraft.