What is a Mini pyramid?

Miniaturized copy of The Great Pyramid (Scale 1:176). Charged with the energy of the Great Pyramid according to the ABO technology. Made of cermaic material. Size: Height: 10" (25cm), Base: 6" (15cm) x 6" (15cm). There are two relative zones of pyramid influence: the active zone and the secondary zone. The active zone is above and below the pyramid. The radius of the secondary zone (harmonizing zone) is no less than 25 meters

Mini Pyramid Benefits:

  • Neutralizes geopathic zones
  • Neutralizes effects of electromagnetic radiation from various devices
  • Has powerful anti stress effects
  • Optimizes immune system
  • Slows process of aging
  • Heals without direct interference with organism
  • Assists meditation
  • Any food products, beverages, clothing, cosmetics, domestic chemicals and others can be treated within the active zone of a mini-pyramid for neutralization of any negative effects on human organism

How to properly install a Mini pyramid

Mini-pyramid’s base placed with the arrow pointing North. Space around and above the pyramid within 40 cm (16”) must be empty; especially important is the absence of any metal. Pyramid must be placed in a dry spot. Treatment within a mini-pyramid is not recommended, because it essentially does not differ from treatment above or under pyramid, but can shorten working life of a mini-pyramid. Working life of a mini pyramid is lifetime.

Not recommended

  • Using metal objects (e.g. metal plates, dishes) during treatment in the active zone of a mini-pyramid
  • Treating more than 3 different kinds of products (e.g. oranges and pepper)
  • Placing cosmetics within 50-60 cm from mini-pyramid
  • Placing mini-pyramid close to sources of intense heat (oven, iron, etc.)


Dear Mr. Golod! Allow us to express our admiration and gratitude for your tremendous work noble cause in the name of all Earthlings. Your pyramid is the most harmoniously clean place, with ideal energy, that we have ever encountered. It's the best place for meditation, healing, living…

Delegation of monks from Tibet, Japan and Korea