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Science & Technology

Years of research and more than 1000 experiments inside golden section pyramids have shown limitless possibilities of using these pyramids for environmental protection, development of new technologies and human health improvement. Only a few of the vast variety of unique tests and experiments conducted are outlined below. Among them, special attention should be paid to the pyramidal phenomenon of “non-freezing water”. -

- A radar shows a huge ionic column reaching a few kilometres into the sky above The 44-meter Golden Section Pyramid (see details below)
With the help of a series of radars working in the centimetre range and placed at 60 km, 32 km and 30 km from the Pyramid, scientists conducted radiolocation of the area of vertical axis of the Pyramid. During this research, the existence of an ionic column with a height of 2000 meters and width of 500 meters along the vertical axis of the pyramid was established. This allegedly ionic column was constantly changing its height from 800 meters to 2000 meters. The reflecting ability of this formation is comparable to reflecting ability of a plane.
Moreover, a circle with a diameter of 300 km, with a higher degree of ionization and a center within the zone of the Pyramid was discovered with a significant degree of authenticity.
It is possible to hypothesize about existence of a vortical radiation in the zone of the Pyramid with a diameter of hundreds of kilometres. Registered ionization is the effect of this radiation. Discovered ionic column above the Pyramid outlines the neck of the funnel of this vortex.

- Even at –40° C regular water does not freeze inside the Pyramid (see below)
Several plastic bottles with regular water were placed inside the Pyramid and their state was observed within a period of 3 winter months. The water was not freezing and had all the properties of a liquid during this whole period. The lowest air temperature inside the Pyramid was –40°C. Measuring water temperature inside the bottles showed that it was the same as the temperature of the air (i.e. the water was not freezing even when its temperature was –40°C).
However, it was noted during this research, that if a bottle of this water was shaken or hit, a crystallization process was beginning inside and the water was turning into ice within 3-20 seconds (depending on the degree of water super cooling).

- Pyramid has powerful protective characteristics against lightning bolt hits (see below)
Electro technical institute The institute conducted research on effects of the Pyramid field on electrical field in a long air space AXIS-PLANE under impulse voltage of positive polarity 250/2500 mcs.
As a base system the researchers used air space AXIS-PLANE with distance between electrodes of S=5.0 m.
As a test system they used the same thing, but the PLANE had 7 pieces of granite 100 grams each, which were previously placed inside the pyramid. Granite pieces were placed on the PLANE in a circle with a diameter of 1 meter and with a center placed 0.5 meters away from the center of the PLANE.
Each system was subjected to 100 impulses. Researchers were registering trajectory of discharges and points of hits of the plane. Based on the results fields of hit points were generated. Discharge voltage during the research was approximately 1400 kV.
Test results showed that the number of hit points in the base system was 5 times higher than that in the test system.
Therefore, a contour of granite stones exposed to the pyramid energy has powerful protective characteristics against lightning bolt hits within the area of the contour.

- Golden Section Pyramid harmonizes space within its radius of influence (see below)
New streams appeared in the area of the 22-meter pyramid on the Seliger Lake, a stork set up a nest, and nearby fields became covered with previously extinct kinds of flowers.

- Many substances and materials change their physical and chemical properties (see below)
“Graphite” institute was determining the influence of the Pyramid field on the electrical resistance of carbon-based materials. Research object – pyrolitic carbon. Measurements were conducted by the 4-probe method with direct current. Sizes of carbon plates were ~ 25x10x1 mm, distance between potential contacts ~ 3 mm. Density of the measuring current was ~ 1500 mA/cm2. Before the plates were placed inside the pyramids, electrical resistance was ~ 5-7 mcOhm/m2. After 1 day inside the pyramid, electrical resistance had doubled. Such measurements are anomalous for pyrolitic carbon. Even the neutron radiation does not yield a resistance change of more than 5%.

- Qualitative structure of oil changes (see below)
A complex of pyramids was installed on an oil field. Within the next few days the viscosity of oil decreased by 30%, which correspondingly led to the increased oil production. Gradually, the structure of oil began to change, i.e. amounts of tars, paraffin, etc in oil decreased. Fractional structure of oil has shifted towards the light fractions (Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas).

- Burning of any substance inside the Pyramid Of The Golden Section produces pleasant aromas

- Increase in crop productivity (see below)
Before planting the crops, their seeds were placed inside the Pyramid for 1-5 days. Tens of thousands of hectares were seeded with more than 20 crops. In each case crop productivity was from 20% to 100%, the crops were not sick, were not bothered by droughts. Quantity of toxic substances in plants decreased. Similar results were obtained when closed contours of stones, previously exposed to the Pyramid energy, were placed around the crop fields. 500 small stones with total weight of 20 kg were placed around a 10 ha field.

Medical research and experiments
Research, experiments and tests in medical laboratories and science centers have confirmed that Golden Section Pyramids: - neutralize geopathic zones (see next section) - have powerful anti stress effects - slow aging processes by enhancing immune system - increase vitality of cellular tissue, slow development of negative processes in living organisms - reduce negative influence of the environment on humans and nature

After pyramid meditation I have got the ability to see right and wrong sides if the life better.
M. Robbins

5 years I have been suffering from migraine. I could not find doctors who could help me. Therefore, I came to the Mental Health Care Community Center, where I met good specialists. They offered special program of treatments for me. My migraine was gone after 4 months. Now at my home and at my office I use mini pyramid and matrix for meditation. The result is a state of absolute inner freedom.
P. Gofman

For more than 2 years we have been conducting clinical studies on more than 5000 patients who were visiting medical center “Pyramid”. We were also placing medicines inside the pyramid. We did not get any negative results. Medical remedies, which were inside the pyramid, significantly amplify their effects. Prof. M.Grosman, director of medical center “Pyramid”
We were conducting experiments on immunity of a live organism to various infections. Pyramid and matrix showed significant increase of immunity of a live organism to the most difficult infections (e.g. plague).
Prof. Egorova

Immune system of a person under the influence of a pyramid or a matrix slows down the aging process of the organism.
Prof. E. Sirovski

The water charged by the energy of the pyramid acquires an ideal structure (similar to ice), which is necessary for a healthy organism.
Researcher K. Bombar, European Institute of Water Resources (France)

Good day, Pyramid Of Life! My name is Lidiya. 2 years ago my family moved to the USA from Belarus. It was not easy to start a new life. To top it all off, our health declined. Here are the symptoms I had: constant fatigue, hypertension, constipation, frequent colds, constant nervousness, loss of hair, significant weight gain. Everyone in the family was fighting and we were even thinking of moving back to Belarus. Fortunately 6 months ago I bought your pyramid and matrices. It’s incredible, but everything is returning to normal and I hope it will stay like that. With great appreciation of you good deeds.
Lidiya P.

I’m 80 years old. For over 40 years I was suffering from headaches, which was located in the right side of the forehead after I got sick with virus flu. None of the painkillers worked. I decided to try the effects of the pyramid water and matrices. What a miracle! I can’t express my joy without tears, as after 2 hours of keeping a matrix on the most painful spot the pain was gone. I have been using pyramid and matrices for the past 6 months, and I drink pyramid water. My blood pressure has stabilized. It was 180 – 220 and now, even using the same medications, it’s 120 – 135. I lost 10 lbs. I’m not on any special medication or any kind of diet. Every spring, when trees were blooming, I was suffering from allergies. This year I had no allergic reactions even when eating fruits, to which my organism was especially sensitive. Thanks a lot.

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