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  1. What is a pyramid?
    Pyramid (from Greek “pyramidos”), geometrical object, whose base is a polygon (3, 4, 5, etc.), and whose sides meet in one point – apex of a pyramid.

  2. What is harmony?
    A well-proportioned combination, reciprocal conformity of objects, occurrences and parts combining them into a single whole. Harmony is one of the most important principles of conformity to natural laws of existence and development of the world.
  3. What is a golden section?
    One of the most important elements of harmony. Not only results of human activity, but human beings themselves, their internal organs and systems obey the laws of the Golden Section, the laws of absolute harmony. As soon as the harmony is broken, human being starts getting all kinds of problems, primarily with health, since illnesses are nothing more than deviations from classic proportions defined by nature.
  4. How pyramid works?
    The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified-receiver (resonator) of various kinds of energy fields surrounding our planet (electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc.). This interaction with known as well as with yet to be discovered forms of energy creates the so-called pyramid effect. Pyramid creates a spherical field of harmonic vibrations around itself. Everything within that field begins moving towards harmony.
  5. What is ABO (adaptation of biological objects) technology
    Any substance (solid, liquid or gaseous) placed within the zone of pyramid energy influence acquires a “charge” of this energy, or in other words “takes imprint” of pyramid energy. The exact copy (pyramid matrix) is obtained if:
    - The material being charges has a certain crystalline structure
    - If this substance undergoes a phase transition from one state into another Pyramid matrices, mini-pyramids, crystal pyramids and pyramid water are manufactured according to the ABO technology.
  6. How can you prove effectiveness of Pyramid of Life products?
    The effectiveness of our products can be proven by tests using Kirlian photography method, Voll method (electro dermal screen), by bioresonance testing, and by iridodiagnostics. Pyramid Of Life products do not change intensity of electromagnetic field, but its quality. Which means that intensity of electromagnetic field remains exactly the same after harmonization. It is possible to detect (measure) energy field of a pyramid using special device called aurometer. Our 60-day money back guarantee allows you to try Pyramid of Life products without any risk. Thousands of our clients, who already have experienced the real miracle of recovery, are the best proof of effectiveness of our products.
  7. How can I choose the most suitable product?
    Our mini-pyramid harmonizes environment within a 25-meter radius. In most cases, it is sufficient for harmonization of all disturbances in your apartment, house, and office. Crystal pyramid harmonizes environment within a 3-meter radius. It is intended for personal use, and it should be installed on a desk, in your workspace, in a resting place, in a bedroom, or anywhere else where you spend at least an hour. We recommend combined usage of mini-pyramids, crystal pyramids, and pyramid matrices in cases of serious problems with health, presence of powerful sources of industrial interferences (transformers, generators, electricity transmission lines, various transmitters), as well as in cases of presence of geopathic zones. Please follow recommendations provided with each product.
  8. Which healing examples can you provide?
    Aggressiveness, allergies, arthritis, asthma, sterility, anxiousness, insomnia and bad sleep, various aches, osteoporosis aches, painful periods, back aches, knee pains, joint pains, chronic bronchitis, hair loss, dizziness, headaches, children’s hyperactivity, depression, depressed moods, women’s problems, lymph problems, migraines, virus infections, miscarriages, chronic fatigue syndrome, arrhythmia, neuropsychological disorders, immobility and tension, nervousness, neurodermis, weakened hearing, psoriasis, thyroid problems, blood pressure problems, learning disability and lack of concentration, metabolism problems, digestive problems and heartburn, traumas, sports traumas, blackheads, phobias, chronic colds, chronic coughs, chronic sinusitis, sensitivity to weather changes.
  9. What is a mini-pyramid?
    A miniaturized copy of The Great Maternal Pyramid, which exactly follows the Golden Section proportions. Two matrices (4 crystals), charged with the energy of the Great Pyramid, are placed within the mini-pyramid basis. There are two relative zones of pyramid influence: the active zone and the secondary zone. The active zone is above and below the pyramid (link to mini-pyramid photo). The secondary zone’s radius is no less than 25 meters.
  10.  What is a pyramid matrix?
    The crystalline substance, from which pyramid matrix is made, undergoes a cycle of phase transitions (crystallizes) inside the Great Pyramid. With the help of pyramid matrix the energy of The Great Maternal Pyramid can be used in any place and at any distance from it.
  11.  What kind of healing reactions can be expected?
    Pyramid Of Life products work on principles of homeopathy. Which means, that in some cases healing reactions, sometimes very intense (fatigue, anxiousness, increased pain, infectious illnesses, overall tiredness, return of old illnesses, skin manifestations, such as rash, itching, insomnia, excessive perspiration, indigestion, etc.) can occur. It happens more often if people live in geopathic zones. Healing reactions can last just a few days, but sometimes go on for weeks or even months. Pyramid Of Life products harmonize with any medications or healing methods.
  12.  In which cases Pyramid Of Life products should not be used?
    Our products are being used by tens of thousands of people around the world. Until this day we have not received a single negative feedback. We are convinced that harmonious energy cannot harm anyone and over saturation by it is impossible.
  13.  How do you explain protecting properties of pyramids against influence of geopathic zones?
    Subtle electromagnetic radiation emanating from geopathic zones, while interacting with the energy field of the pyramid, are transformed into a form of electromagnetic vibrations which are harmless to human beings, which has been confirmed by years of research, experiments and conclusions of specialists.
  14.  Where should mini-pyramids be placed?
    In any convenient place, however several important recommendations must be followed:
    - Pyramid’s base must be placed with the arrow pointing to the North.
    - Space around and above the pyramid within 40 cm (16”) must be empty; especially important is the absence of any metal.
    - Pyramid must be placed in a dry spot.
    - Treatment within a mini-pyramid is not recommended, because it does not differ from treatment above or under
        pyramid, but can shorten working life of a mini-pyramid.
  15.  How do you explain exceptional properties of pyramid water?
    The technology used for producing pyramid water is the only known way of recreating the ideal natural structure of water. Our water is the most active and different form of structured water on the market today.
  16.  What type of water is better for producing pyramid water?
    In order to produce pyramid water any water can be used (tap, filtered, bottled). Pyramid energy changes the structure of water, making it ideally suitable for restoration of your health. If your water is seriously contaminated, we recommend using a filter in addition to a pyramid.
    Attention: pyramids and matrices do not clean water, nor do they substitute filters.
  17.  Do Pyramid Of Life products have money back guarantee?
    We guarantee refund within 60 days from the date of purchase, provided the products are in excellent condition. This allows you to get acquainted with our products without any financial risk. Please be careful with the products while you decide whether to keep them.
  18. How long do your products work?
    Mini pyramids - lifetime
    Crystal pyramids - 15 years
    Pyramid matrices: - for water charging, neutralization of electromagnetic radiations – 36 months -
    for personal use (on your body) – 12 months
  19. What is ecxact size of pyramids?
    Mini pyramid - Height: 10" (25cm), Base: 6" (15cm) x 6" (15cm) -
    Crystal pyramid - Height: 4" (10cm), Base: 2" (5cm) x 2" (5cm)
After pyramid meditation I have got the ability to see right and wrong sides if the life better.
M. Robbins

5 years I have been suffering from migraine. I could not find doctors who could help me. Therefore, I came to the Mental Health Care Community Center, where I met good specialists. They offered special program of treatments for me. My migraine was gone after 4 months. Now at my home and at my office I use mini pyramid and matrix for meditation. The result is a state of absolute inner freedom.
P. Gofman

For more than 2 years we have been conducting clinical studies on more than 5000 patients who were visiting medical center “Pyramid”. We were also placing medicines inside the pyramid. We did not get any negative results. Medical remedies, which were inside the pyramid, significantly amplify their effects. Prof. M.Grosman, director of medical center “Pyramid”
We were conducting experiments on immunity of a live organism to various infections. Pyramid and matrix showed significant increase of immunity of a live organism to the most difficult infections (e.g. plague).
Prof. Egorova

Immune system of a person under the influence of a pyramid or a matrix slows down the aging process of the organism.
Prof. E. Sirovski

The water charged by the energy of the pyramid acquires an ideal structure (similar to ice), which is necessary for a healthy organism.
Researcher K. Bombar, European Institute of Water Resources (France)

Good day, Pyramid Of Life! My name is Lidiya. 2 years ago my family moved to the USA from Belarus. It was not easy to start a new life. To top it all off, our health declined. Here are the symptoms I had: constant fatigue, hypertension, constipation, frequent colds, constant nervousness, loss of hair, significant weight gain. Everyone in the family was fighting and we were even thinking of moving back to Belarus. Fortunately 6 months ago I bought your pyramid and matrices. It’s incredible, but everything is returning to normal and I hope it will stay like that. With great appreciation of you good deeds.
Lidiya P.

I’m 80 years old. For over 40 years I was suffering from headaches, which was located in the right side of the forehead after I got sick with virus flu. None of the painkillers worked. I decided to try the effects of the pyramid water and matrices. What a miracle! I can’t express my joy without tears, as after 2 hours of keeping a matrix on the most painful spot the pain was gone. I have been using pyramid and matrices for the past 6 months, and I drink pyramid water. My blood pressure has stabilized. It was 180 – 220 and now, even using the same medications, it’s 120 – 135. I lost 10 lbs. I’m not on any special medication or any kind of diet. Every spring, when trees were blooming, I was suffering from allergies. This year I had no allergic reactions even when eating fruits, to which my organism was especially sensitive. Thanks a lot.

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