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Golden Section Pyramid

30 years of research and experiments have allowed a group of scientist to determine specific shape, size, and material of a pyramid, with which the pyramid's influence on the surrounding environment is most beneficial and harmonious.

Such pyramid was named The Golden Section Pyramid. The golden section is one of the main principles in architecture, painting, and science. Masterpieces of architecture and art, the Nature itself and the pinnacle of its creation - human being, are created by this exact proportion. For the past 30 years more than 150 Golden Section Pyramids have been built around the world.

The highest pyramid of 44 meters was built in 1999 (see photo). The process of preparation of the area for pyramid construction took more than 5 years. The Pyramid is made of non-conductive materials without a single metal element.

Golden Section Pyramids



I have been working with Alexander and Anatoli Golod for over a year. We have formed an International Partnership for Pyramid Research and we are trying to make known to the entire world the research findings on the Russian Pyramids. I have appeared on many national radio programs to talk about these pyramids and the research. In fact, I have done several live radio programs with Anatoli Golod from Moscow. I am also including a major section in my book, which will be published this year on the Russian Pyramids. It is my opinion that this research has the potential of changing our world for the better. The research was done by the most prestigious institutes in the former Soviet Union, including many branches of the Russian National Academy of Sciences. I am convinced that these effects that are reported are real and will be reproduced by other institutions. I am also working with the Ukrainian researchers who have been studying these pyramids. I have devoted a large part of my time in promoting this work and encouraging peer review and additional studies to confirm these results. The benefits for medicine, agriculture, and ecology, to name just a few areas are tremendous. I hope together with the Golodís we can continue to do research and confirm the results obtained so far.
John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and Co-Director of the International Partnership for Pyramid Research

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