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Crystal Pyramid (Special Gift) - $285

Crystal PyramidWhat is a crystal pyramid?
Miniaturized copy of the Great Pyramid, precisely following the golden section proportions. Crystal glass, from which this pyramid is made, is essentially a matrix. Crystal pyramid is “charged” with the energy of the Great Pyramid according to the ABO technology. Crystal pyramid harmonizes space within a 3-meter radius (see picture).

Crystal Pyramid:

  • Harmonizes space within 3 meters
  • Neutralizes geopathic zones (see “Geopathic Zones” section for details)
  • Neutralizes effects of electromagnetic radiation from various devices (computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc.)
  • Has powerful anti stress effects
  • Optimizes immune system
  • Slows process of aging
  • Assists meditation
  • Heals without direct interference with organism

DiagramHow to install crystal pyramid correctly
Crystal pyramid should be placed in any convenient area, where you spend at least an hour a day (see drawing).

After pyramid meditation I have got the ability to see right and wrong sides if the life better.
M. Robbins

5 years I have been suffering from migraine. I could not find doctors who could help me. Therefore, I came to the Mental Health Care Community Center, where I met good specialists. They offered special program of treatments for me. My migraine was gone after 4 months. Now at my home and at my office I use mini pyramid and matrix for meditation. The result is a state of absolute inner freedom.
P. Gofman

For more than 2 years we have been conducting clinical studies on more than 5000 patients who were visiting medical center “Pyramid”. We were also placing medicines inside the pyramid. We did not get any negative results. Medical remedies, which were inside the pyramid, significantly amplify their effects. Prof. M.Grosman, director of medical center “Pyramid”
We were conducting experiments on immunity of a live organism to various infections. Pyramid and matrix showed significant increase of immunity of a live organism to the most difficult infections (e.g. plague).
Prof. Egorova

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